Sorpetaler’s product palette extends beyond architecturally diverse fenestration to windows and doors embracing the Passivhaus energy principles. The concept of a "passive house" is to maximize gains and minimize losses and Passivhaus standards have formalized this concept within a body of strict design and construction principles. Passivhaus certified structures use 60-80 percent less energy than conventional equivalent structures; so called Passivhaus-performance structures offer similar or identical performance but lack formal certification. Sorpetaler offer Passivhaus-certified and Passivhaus-performance windows and doors for those seeking superior whole window thermal performance* and air tightness, the primary hallmarks of this rigorous standard.

* the whole window U values vary by product type and variables like unit size, sash and frame profiling, psi value of glass spacer, and naturally also the thermal properties of the glass itself. Sorpetaler offers glass with thermal transmissivities (Ug) of 0.5 or 0.6 European Webers/(m^2K) per customer preference (Ug = 0.09 and 0.10 respectively in SI units). Whole window Uw values are available upon request.

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