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Congratulations on your purchase of Sorpetaler Windows and Doors.
We hope that the run up to your order and the projected fabrication and ship times harmonize with your construction schedule! Please inquire, as interest merits, about receiving visuals from you fabrication. In either case your order status as it travels to its destination can be referenced below:

Shipping times.
Final ship dates vary by US address, US Customs clearance, and the schedules and competence of local shippers. Knowing an exact delivery day, while most pressing during the forecasted week of delivery, is often undermined by the unpredictability of overland shippers. Our crew is available will be in touch at this stage to convey exact container pickup and delivery options as they are made known by the respective Third party shippers.


Order Sign Off: Ship From European Port: Arrive in USA Port: Estimated Ship to USA Destination
March 11, 2017 April 12, 2017 May 22, 2017 June 20, 2017



Overview PDF Documents
Your custom windows and doors will be carefully packed onto custom palettes for shipment to a European port of departure deemed most convenient for expedited shipping. These elements are thoroughly braced within the palettes and the palettes themselves further braced within the container. Once they are installed we recommend protecting your furniture grade finish from potential damage caused by subsequent trade work and/or incidental jobsite contact by applying a covering of plastic sheeting. This method has proven effective in allowing your high grade finish to retain its full integrity during subsequent construction activities. You deserve a truly new window when you occupy your new space and not a pre-owned window courtesy of unintended misuse or happenstance. Container Offload Tips 2016 | PDF



Product PDF Documents
Surface Maintenance Operating Cleaning And Care Reference 2016 PROGRESS | PDF
Window Hardware Adjustments Window Hardware Safety Adjustment Maintenance 2016 | PDF
Siegenia brochure for concealed hinges | PDF
Siegenia Visible Window Hinge Adjustments 2014 | PDF
Window Sash Hanging and Un Hanging Sash Hanging And Removal For Concealed Hinges 1 sash | PDF
Sash Hanging And Removal For Concealed Hinges 1 and 2 sash | PDF
Door Hinge Adjustments 2 way adjustable door hinge cclockwise moves sash towards hinge | PDF
3 way adjustable door hinge adjustments Reference 2012 | PDF
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